Right now I am working on how to be of service during these times of great transition. What continues to stick in my mind is Jung's idea that...

"Just as the individual's conscious mind needs to be brought into greater harmony and balance with the countervailing tendencies of the unconscious, so a particular culture needs to readjust its collective perspectives through the agency of myth and symbol. It is the mythmaking artist who discovers the compensatory archetypal image that the age and culture require for greater balance."

So I ponder, as an artist and a myth maker, what I can bring forth that can serve not only my own creative urges, but also the world at large, which is no doubt in need of some balance.

     – Laura

Coming in 2014 - Grand Reponing of Mythic Arts

After a journey of mythic proprtions through multiple states, many miles, and several abodes, I am happy to announce that I am back on Whidbey Island, where we have found a magical piece of property where we are remodeling a 1902 farmhouse and building a new studio, which will be completed sometime in 2014!

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Laura's PhD dissertation examines the role of the archetypal psychopomp, and how these mythical afterlife guides are returning to Western consciousness at this time to lead us towards a better relationship with death and dying

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